Portrait of Jordan Magnée

Jordan Magnée is a Belgian artist who draws on his creative sensibility and diverse professional experiences to fuel his multidisciplinary approach to performance. With a background in architecture, Jordan strives to create tour designs that are both practical and imaginative, offering audiences a unique spectacle.

After specialising in digital scenography from London College of Communication, Jordan began his professional career in London before becoming an artistic director at AAD creative studio in Paris.

Fueled by his passion for self-expression, he established his own studio in 2018, leveraging his expertise to elevate the stage space and stir the audience's emotions.

Jordan has collaborated with numerous renowned artists such as Dutronc & Dutronc, Ninho, Benjamin Biolay, Izia, Vitalic, Pomme, NTO, Florence Foresti, and many more. His work showcases his versatility and his ability to craft unique stage experiences that cater to the individual style of each artist.

Jordan currently lives and works in Paris.