Yamê. Elowi Tour

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2023 - 2024
Stage Design, Light Design

Stage design inspired by the visual identity of the artist Yame, incorporating his teeth with the "Y" Grillz. This picture creates the backdrop of the stage, and the "Y"s are made from disco balls to serve as visual effects with the lighting. The stage arrangement of the musicians is linear and volumetric, highlighted by LED bars to bring graphic elements into the scenography.

  • Live Affair Production
  • VoltaProduction
  • Aycee & William BalaManagement
  • Yoshi MasudaMusical Director
  • Mateo RioussetProduction Manager
  • Jordan MagnéeStage & Light Design
  • Arnaud LuthunLight Operator
  • Simon VannierLight Operator
  • DahoteccSet Builder & Technical Supplier
  • Marceau UguenReel Vidéo, Photos